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    distance front view of a lush green freshly cut garden grass lawn by a property maintenance gardener surrounded by several well pruned privets bushes and small trees

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  • Long Grass Cutting

    distance view of partially cut area of very healthy dark green grass and an equal size area of uncut very long grass with a petrol grass strimmer on the floor awaiting our gardener russ hague

    Easily Brought Back Down To Earth

  • Grass Lawn Mowing

    close up angled view of a freshly mowed very neat and tidy sheffield garden

    Only A Mower Needed Here

  • Avoid Unsightly Grass!

    distance view of a lovely garden with nice borders and well trimmed bushes and privets all seriously let down by patchy faded light grass lawn revealing the underlying soil and clearly in need of a very good gardener

    Let Me Look After Your Garden

My Gardening Grass Lawn Cutting Tips

  1. Typically March to October is the main Sheffield grass cutting period.
  2. Start your mower cut at full height for the first cut of the year, only reducing a maximum of 33.3% between cuts.
  3. Don’t cut your lawn too short in the hottest Sheffield months as this allows more moisture evaporation from your soil.
  4. Your grass needs mowing more often in hotter weather and less towards the start and finish of the UK summer.
  5. Towards the end of the cutting season raise your lawn mower’s cut height again to help protect from cold & frost.

My Typical Gardening Jobs

Grass Cutting

distance view of an entire back garden with half the grass cut and the other half just waiting for me the gardener to take this photo just before back to cutting

Lawn cutting including edge strimming, hedges & shrubbery trimmed along with maintaining your flower borders and turf laying I am Sheffield’s local gardener. For a brand new look why not let me landscape your garden. It adds depth and can transform your relaxation space.

Astro Turfing

corner distance angled view of a rear garden part way through new astro turfing being laid by me russ hague

You either love or hate it but growing in popularity artificial astro turfing grass is ideal for the low maintenance gardener.

Almost Finished

distant upper angled view of a sheffield gardens newly laid astro turfing being brushed with sand to help it settle and then its finished

In our example the grass is getting its final brush with sand to help it bed in.

The Perfect Lawn

Many think astro turf is the ultimate no hassle grass and it can live up to your expectations if installed correctly.

Tiny Gardens

close up front right corner angled view of a tiny garden created in a very limited space complete with brightly coloured flowers and plants over two levels

If you have limited space and simply crave a garden I can help. Let me create a tiny garden with artificial or real grass, lower and raised flower beds and real stone walls. Visually beautiful and low maintenance, now there really is no excuse.

For The Love Of Gardening!

Overgrown Gardens Tidied

distance front view of a badly overgrown grass lawn that is just under a meter tall and well seeded this grass needs lots of tending care from some poor unfortunate gardener

If you cant possibly face the role of gardener to clear that overgrown, messy and untidy garden I can help. Cutting down your overgrown lawn and clearing of all unsightly garden vegetation both old & fresh.

Garden Vegetation Removed

close up side view of my trailor full of freshly cut garden grass and privet hedge vegetation

I am always happy to remove your grass and privet cuttings, for homes and landlords.

It All Gets Recycled!

Rest assured all your overgrown garden vegetation is recycled back into off site soil as in nature.

Greenhouses Removed

close up front view of an old rickety aluminium greenhouse that is only fit to be removed

The old greenhouse has served you well but it is looking sad and tired and you never use it anyway so its time to go! Disassembled and completely removed including flooring and the base if required.


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