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My Decking Tips

  • Your decking will only ever be as strong as your framework, make sure it is thick wood and well secured.
  • Don’t forget you need to treat all your framework and decking with preserve & sealant for longevity.
  • Most decking planks use the tongue and groove system to slot together, press them well together observing they move completely into the adjacent groove.
  • Although durable you will easily split your decking planks by using nails or screws which are simply too thick.
  • Choose tanalised (pressure and preserve treated) wood. This will also extend your decking’s life expectancy.

Decking Installation

Build A Basic Framework

close up of a partially built and installed wood treated framework to support our lovley new garden wooden decking

After you have designated your area you need to build a timber framework. Make sure you don’t skimp here otherwise your decking may not last very long. Build the edge first then cut and install cross sections as shown.

Fit Cross Sections

distance view of our finished decking framework showing the intricate cross sections

More cross sections are used to spread the decking weight. They need to be spaced as above or your decking may be very creaky and require repairs in the not too distant future.

Lay Your New Decking

close up front right corner angled view of our wonderful finished new wood decking complete with tapered edging finished in light oak

Finally we get to lay our decking floor. Patiently cut your wood decking lengths to fit. Check and double check before you cut each and be careful not to damage it. Now we can clean, treat or paint our brand new floor.

Decking Board Replacement

New Decking Boards Anyone?

distance side view of a large area with several decking boards lifted showing the underlying framework is in excellent condition and the decking boards are in good condition

You don’t need to wait until your decking rots through and gives way before you replace it.

The Customer Is Always Right!

In this example my customer wanted new decking even though the old was still in reasonable condition and still good for a few more years.

Off With The Old

distance corner view of our now stripped down decking framework revealing just simple cross members ready for replacement decking boards

Once we have the decking boards removed we can see they have been sprayed with sealant from above and the underlying framework has no protection from the elements. This framework would not have lived up to a well sealed systems life expectancy.

On With The New

close up corner view of our framework almost fully covered with newly fitted wood decking boards

After the framework is completely sealed with good quality wood sealant we can fit the decking boards which have been pre treated, hence the slight green colour from the copper preserve. Take care to properly seat each tongue to the previous groove slot in your decking boards as you cut them and nail them in place using only galvanised nails.

Just awaiting Final Colour & Seal

far distance view of our replacement decking boards fully fitted to the rear of a sheffield property

All this new decking needs now is me to stop taking pictures, sweep and clean up and finally seal it.

It’s Sealant Time

Paint on the sealant using generous amounts and make sure you gather your brush’s bristles along the decking edges to get plenty of the sealant into all the nooks and crannies. If you have chosen a stain based sealant this will bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain and maximise it’s life expectancy.

Decking Repairs


close up front view of old rotton garden decking thaat is literally falling apart and unsafe to walk on

If you have tired old decking that is in need of repair I can help. As in this example most decking problems arise from rotten wood which has weakened and if left will give way to a possible painful fall.


close up picture of just solid decking boards with gaps where the rotten and broken decking boards have been removed from

First we have to remove all the damaged, broken or rotten lengths of decking and any framework. Remember your framework supports your family and guests so make sure you secure this well.


a photo of a completely finished rotten decking repair using the customers own decking boards that do not match the rest but it is a safe very cheap fix

Now simply cut replacement pieces and fit using galvanised screws and nails for corrosion protection. Be careful not to split the lengths as you secure them in place, you may need to drill a pilot hole per screw to prevent splitting.


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